Pandemic Justice: System Professionals’ Collaboration and Facilitation of Procedural Justice in Light of COVID-19-Era Changes

As we emerge into a world post-pandemic, many jurisdictions are considering whether to permanently adopt procedural changes brought on by COVID-19 restrictions. The introduction of teleconferencing, social distancing, and hybrid formats to the legal system have not only impacted the ways that system professionals interact with crime victims, but the ways that they collaborate with one another. These changes have potential implications for victims’ experiences of system responsiveness and fairness. In the present study, semi-structured interviews were conducted with attorneys, law enforcement officers, and victim advocates in a jurisdiction with high rates of victimization. Interviews focused on system stakeholders’ experiences of professional collaboration and interactions with victims before and after COVID-19. Results will speak to the impact of COVID-19-era changes on system professionals’ facilitation of procedural justice through their interactions with victims and their abilities to collaborate with one another.